sunday special: all white interiors

bedroom wood

I always love interiors that are all white. They look beautiful in one color, fresh and serene, yet I think it is really hard to pull this look off without making a room look sterile and uninviting. I found some examples in which “all white” actually works (in my opinion : )). Combining different  materials (wood, tiles, a mix of fabrics) and different shades of white, add texture to a room. Collecting different objects (shapes, materials) in the same color, makes a room feel more like a home. I love the collection of all white objects by Petra Bindel below, because everything is in the same color, any object can be added to your collection. What do you think of white interiors?

– S

white kitchen collection

all white bathroom collection

all white kitchen

vtwonen schommelbank

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Friday finds: Tile Love

If there is one thing in my house I would like to renovate it would be my kitchen. I spend a lot of time there, cooking, baking, making coffee, having breakfast, but because we rent our place for now, it is too expensive and too much work to actually renovate it, unfortunately! This doesn’t stop me from dreaming about how my ideal kitchen would look like. There should be tiles, lots of tiles! But I am not sure yet what type of tiles I would prefer. I love simple plain rectangular white kitchen tiles, or these green aqua colored, pictured above.

These days  I am also loving the herringbone pattern, it would be a lovely pattern on a kitchen wall as well (as pictured above left by Paulina Arcklin, and sold by for example Made a Mano). I also like to have tiled shelves, it gives your kitchen a unique look and offers beautiful storage space for your favorite tableware (see picture on the right by VTWONEN).

I have been in love for a while with these beautiful (glazed) lavastone tiles by Made A Mano. Patterns are drawn by hand or hand printing, making them extra unique. There are just too many lovely designs and colors!

Tabarka studio also designs beautiful handcrafted patterned tiles (below). They have a range of very diverse patterns, I especially love the striped pattern on the top left and the grey colors.  Fortunately I have some time to decide which tiles to pick! What is your favorite? And what should definitely be included in your ideal kitchen?

– Sharon