Friday finds: Unstationary


I just love stationary.  I have a crazy washi tape collection and more sticky notes, note books and writing paper than I could use really. I collect the stationary mainly for its design, and when I do not use it I just love to look at it while working in my office. Pretty stationary makes me really happy. I also couldn’t stop looking at this great stationary line Unstationary by Dutch design duo Ontwerpduo. Do you like it too? what are your favorite stationary designers, brands? -S



pictures by Ontwerpduo

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7 thoughts on “Friday finds: Unstationary

  1. When I was growing up, I would receive cute stationary sets as a gift from my grandma or friends. I used to not use them and just looked at them. I love stationary items! I need to study more about the designers for stationary.

  2. Definitely a stationery fettish going on here too…… but I love it so much, that I don’t even throw away the old notebooks and things that are full… I really should ??!! Just a pity that from going so electronic…. I don’t always find the opportunity to use all the stationery ?!! Should make a plan !!! Love these.

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