Blogging your way Moodboard

As you may have read in a previous blog post, we enrolled in an online blogging course by Holly Becker from decor8 called Blogging your Way Bootcamp. One of the assignments she gave us was to create a mood board showing how you imagine your ultimate blog to look like. Mood boards can be digital or handmade.  I chose to make ours by hand, using pictures from my favorite interior design magazines, wall paper in several colors, tape, stickers and cards. The bird card is by Dutch company Zusss, I love its simplicity and the color. I picked a cool color palette, with shades of blue and grey and touches of soft pink and green. We also included some pictures of tiles in the same color palette since we would like to have tiles in the background of our blog, or use tiles, blocks or squares in our logo/blog name. This exercise really helped us to think about how we want our blog to look and feel, but above all it was just a lot of fun to do and I would highly recommend it to all bloggers who just started blogging and are working on their blog design.

On pinterest I collected some of my favorite mood boards created by fellow Blogging Your Way students.  Follow us if you like!



2 thoughts on “Blogging your way Moodboard

  1. love the greys and blues in your moodboard, looking forward to seeing how your blog develops. Thanks for pinning my moodboard. You’ve got yourself a Pinterest follower 🙂 Have a lovely weekend both of you x

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