Liebster award

Such a nice surprise to see that Corinne Korda nominated us for a Liebster Blog award! For those who do not know what this award entails,  the liebster blog award is an award  given to up and coming bloggers with only a small number of followers so far. A nominee should furthermore answer 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated them, tell their readers 11 random things about themselves and name 11 other blogs you like.  It is really nice to know that people read our little blog and enjoy it. We also look forward to visit the other nominated blogs. OK, back to work then, have a lovely day!

Photo by Morten Holtum


6 thoughts on “Liebster award

  1. I noticed that you followed my blog and I came to you. Wow, I’m flattered because your blog is beautiful. I love the crane mobile. I have been thinking about making one myself!

      • You’re also my BYW fellow student!! Yay! Thanks for the nice comment! Indonesia is very interesting and I love living here although I know expats who do not like it here. I find Indonesia very fascinating. I hope you’ll come visit one day!

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