Sunday special: Doo Wop pendant lights

Originally produced in the 50s by Louis Poulsen, taken out of their catalogue in the 80s, the navy pendant, now called Doo Wop is back in production. Very close to its original design and production method, only the colors are more up to date. Love the design of the lamp and styling of the shoot.

The simple design of this lamp makes him versatile; from living room to kitchen and children’s bedroom. Its a perfect choice! The pendant in brass is my favorite. Its on my wishlist! What is your favorite color?


8 thoughts on “Sunday special: Doo Wop pendant lights

  1. Reblogged this on insta•design and commented:
    instaLove for the Doo Wop pendant light!!

    items of note:
    • a fantastic accent & punch of color
    • lots of style without being over styled
    • ‘vintage mod’ look gives a quick 1-2 refresher to any room

    instaStyle with this addition. for suggestions on how to use this light in your space, feel free to instaMessage me via CONTACT above. or post a comment!

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