BYW Boot camp

Three weeks ago, on a wet Monday afternoon I had an accident and broke my left hand, my writing hand. Hand in cast, off from teaching and frustratingly useless with the one good hand, there seemed to be nothing inspiring on the horizon. And then Holly’s BYW Boot camp came along, right on cue, right in place. Holly’s course is the right mix of inspiration, incentive and imagination. With a just a hint of urgency in the form of doing weekly assignments, Holly seems to push our blogging spirits just a little bit more.

After having spent the last 10 years teaching students, I have found that simply imparting knowledge and telling what can be done is never enough. A good teacher needs to share experiences, show the lessons they have learnt and shift perspectives every once in a while. I’m hoping to find these in Holly’s lessons.

Blogging has now evolved from a mere web tool to a more social experience. Most course mates in the BYW course are either brand new baby bloggers or are in the middle of their blogging journeys. For a newish blogger myself, this group of bloggers new and old will be a soothing resource of perspectives, dreams and stories to learn from.
Meeting new people, making new connections and following new journeys is perhaps what I’m looking forward to the most from this course.


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