Sunday Special: bright white appartment

I love these blue doors in this all white interior, a real eye catcher! Another way color is added in this room is by using bright colored cushions with different prints, books and fresh flowers.

The kitchen is all white and simple, yet the open shelves add color and make the kitchen area much more inviting!

The study and hallway are filled with prints, mood boards, shoes and bags.  Yet because everything has its place and the walls and floor are painted white, it doesn’t make this space look messy at all.

This lovely apartment is situated in Göteborg, Sweden and was until recently up for sale! Alvhem Makleri and Design is a company behind many of these  stylish apartments. They do not only sell the apartments but also decorate them, providing not just houses but a lifestyle. The company also owns a shop with inspirational pieces for buyers and sellers. Visit their website for more inspiration, and remember some appartments are up for sale!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Special: bright white appartment

  1. Wow.. gorgeous appartment. I am always amazed at how simple things can really transform a place. Love the white wooden floor too… Giving me ideas for when we need to redo our floor (which is now) Saying hi from BYW!

  2. I do love that combination of white and blue…so pretty and clean.
    And I adore that vintage map in the second to last photo, too. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW Bootcamp)

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