Sunday special: Doo Wop pendant lights

Originally produced in the 50s by Louis Poulsen, taken out of their catalogue in the 80s, the navy pendant, now called Doo Wop is back in production. Very close to its original design and production method, only the colors are more up to date. Love the design of the lamp and styling of the shoot.

The simple design of this lamp makes him versatile; from living room to kitchen and children’s bedroom. Its a perfect choice! The pendant in brass is my favorite. Its on my wishlist! What is your favorite color?


Friday finds: fall at home

I love the fall, especially the colors this time of year brings. How to bring these warm colors to your home?

(1) Collect all your accessories, tableware, vases or books in shades of green, brown, red and orange and organize them together on some shelves or in your favorite cabinet.

(2)Its time to make your home warm and winter ready, so get some cushions and plaids in fall colors.

(3) Put some beautiful fall leaves in a simple glass vase or decorate your home with branches of red autumn berries.

What do you do to bring the fall to your home? -S

pictures via: http: (1) TOAST  (2,3) NYAHEM (4,5,7) Anthropologie (6,8) Martha Stewart (9)

Still Life

Wow – love this beautiful fall color palette in this months Elle Interior Sweden. Besides the usual red, brown and green shades, blue is used to freshen up this fall color palette. The photos are taken by Idha Lindhag, who is known for her beautiful pictures of interiors and lifestyle. Going through her portfolio on her website I recognized some magazine spreads. The idea behind this spread; to decorate your own still life or painting. Hope it inspires you too!


BYW Boot camp

Three weeks ago, on a wet Monday afternoon I had an accident and broke my left hand, my writing hand. Hand in cast, off from teaching and frustratingly useless with the one good hand, there seemed to be nothing inspiring on the horizon. And then Holly’s BYW Boot camp came along, right on cue, right in place. Holly’s course is the right mix of inspiration, incentive and imagination. With a just a hint of urgency in the form of doing weekly assignments, Holly seems to push our blogging spirits just a little bit more.

After having spent the last 10 years teaching students, I have found that simply imparting knowledge and telling what can be done is never enough. A good teacher needs to share experiences, show the lessons they have learnt and shift perspectives every once in a while. I’m hoping to find these in Holly’s lessons.

Blogging has now evolved from a mere web tool to a more social experience. Most course mates in the BYW course are either brand new baby bloggers or are in the middle of their blogging journeys. For a newish blogger myself, this group of bloggers new and old will be a soothing resource of perspectives, dreams and stories to learn from.
Meeting new people, making new connections and following new journeys is perhaps what I’m looking forward to the most from this course.

Friday finds: inspired by fashion

I really like how some fashion trends are visible in home decor too. Trends in fashion definitely seem to inspire home decor trends. Since I love both, I searched for some items to bring my favorite fashion trends  (oxblood red, sequins and denim) to the living room! While searching online for some inspiration for a new winter wardrobe, I ran into the H&M home section and found this lovely new dotted cushion in the fashion color of this year oxblood red! Love the dotted plaid in grey as well.

Another trend in fashion is the use of sequins and metallics. I especially like this trend when used in a subtle way, on a simple sweater for example. Bring this trend to your home with these cushions by West Elm!

Always in fashion is denim, but this season even denim on denim is hot again.  I have seen the denim trend in interiors and furniture for quite a while now, but in particular love the use of denim in rugs (see below by West Elm and Anthropology). Denim gives these rugs a special texture and lovely color pattern. I think they will look lovely on a white wooden floor as well. What do you think about these trends? Are there any trends in fashion you would like to bring to your home?

Photos via: H&M, Topshop, Butter London, ASOS, Marc Jacobs,Mango, Dorothy Perkins, West Elm, Anthropologie, Topshop, Gap

Sunday Special: bright white appartment

I love these blue doors in this all white interior, a real eye catcher! Another way color is added in this room is by using bright colored cushions with different prints, books and fresh flowers.

The kitchen is all white and simple, yet the open shelves add color and make the kitchen area much more inviting!

The study and hallway are filled with prints, mood boards, shoes and bags.  Yet because everything has its place and the walls and floor are painted white, it doesn’t make this space look messy at all.

This lovely apartment is situated in Göteborg, Sweden and was until recently up for sale! Alvhem Makleri and Design is a company behind many of these  stylish apartments. They do not only sell the apartments but also decorate them, providing not just houses but a lifestyle. The company also owns a shop with inspirational pieces for buyers and sellers. Visit their website for more inspiration, and remember some appartments are up for sale!

pictures via:

Friday Finds: Fall Favorites

Its getting colder here in the Netherlands, time for some warm home finds! House of Rym designed this perfect for fall tableware, mixing different colors and designs.

Lets drink a warm cup of tea on the couch with lots of pillows and extra blankets. Pillows by House Doctor, blankets via nooosugar.

Knitted lamp shades give a room a warm feeling. These fun colorful shades are by HK Living, but of course it is also a nice DIY project for you or your grandma!

pictures via: House of Rym, House Doctor, Nooosugar, HK Living and