Sunday special: summer house

This beautiful small summerhouse of stylist Sidsel Zachariassen brings back the summer a bit for me. Love the the use of different shades of green and grey both inside and outside,  turning the house and the garden into one big living space.

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Friday finds: batik prints

For a while now Tine  K is one of my favorite interior design brands.  I love the simplicity of her designs and the use of natural products and colors. Her own house is a perfect example of that, in particular this beautiful cabinet.

Recently I started following her blog (you should too!) and saw this new batik paper. Here the paper is used as wallpaper, giving a room a very unique and rich look!

Blogger Fräulein Klein used the Batik by Tine K as pieces of art in simple frames on the wall.

Pictures via: Tine K blog and (cabinet)

Sunday Special: wonderful wallpaper

“Wallpapers by Scandinavian designers” is a new collection by Borastapeter with classic Scandinavian designs by top designers from the 50s Arne Jacobsen, Sven Markelius, Karl Axel Pehrson and Stig Lindberg (see above). Besides this unique collection in collaboration with Ljungbergs Textil, Borastapeter has plenty of other beautiful designs to pick from (see below). I love white or neutral painted walls but this wonderful wallpaper really makes me exited to try out some patterns at home!

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The Color Mint

You could see the color mint green in fashion (nail polish, pants!) everywhere this summer, but also more and more in interiors and kitchen appliances. Even though the summer is over,  I start to like this color more and more especially when used in neutral grey/white interiors like the examples above show!

pictures via: Julien Fernandez photography, Ferm living, Studio Meez, Etsy (pencils),, Julien Fernandez photography,,

Super zuperzozial!

Zuperzozial is a collection of colorful tableware that does not only look fun and colorful but is also biodegradable, environmental friendly and made of natural materials like bamboo and corn. Now available and on my wishlist:  safe keeping boxes in pastel colors!


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Sunday Special – white walls and a bit of color

This interior is a perfect example of how to make a white interior look fresh, yet homey and unique. The white walls and floor provide a neutral basis, while the furniture and especially the books, paintings and cushions bring some yellow and blue. So simple, but love it!


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Wall inspiration

During my holiday in Portugal I saw these ceramic shops with plates on the walls.  Back home I searched for more modern versions, such a nice idea!  DIY or go for a work of art by little owl design or Molly Hatch. If you want to play it safe (meaning no broken plates), there is always  the lovely porcelain wallpaper by Studio Ditte!

Pictures top to bottom: holiday picture Sharon, Marimekko,,,, Molly Hatch, Studio Ditte.